Thursday, August 16, 2012

World Humanitarian Day This Sunday!

This Sunday, August 19th the United Nations will launch World Humanitarian Day.  I love to participate in something good.  I hope that this campaign is all it says it is because I love the message;
1 Billion People with one message, helping one another. 

You can join me and millions of others by celebrating this day and those that help.   Go to,  sign up, tweet, post and get involved.   

The idea is everyone everywhere do something good basically.  Make a difference, help someone, make a small change.  One billion people making a tiny little change in their world makes a HUGE difference in the grand scheme of things don't you think?   

Everyone's tweets and Facebook posts or other social media messages will be shared all at the same time on Sunday along with a special Humanitarian Day performance by Beyoncé.   

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