Friday, January 18, 2013

Mass Shootings and Gun Control

I am a Mommy, so I want my kids safe at school.   I was raised around guns so they don't terrify me, and I feel like it is my duty as a parent to raise my children with the same respect for life and guns.  

I have red hair.  I was bullied.  I was an only child, and my mom and dad were divorced.  We moved A LOT so I rarely felt like I belonged.  I always knew there was a loaded shot gun behind my mom's bedroom door.  I always knew there was a loaded shot gun over my grandpa's bedroom door and a pistol in his glove box of his truck.  I never once thought that I should go and kill anyone with those guns.  I had really bad days at school when I came home crying because someone teased me for having red hair.  The bullies used physical violence and even a grown-up shamed me and humiliated me in front of my peers.  The thought of using a gun to kill a bunch of innocent people or children never once crossed my mind!   Know why I was not raised that way. 

I was a latch key child for awhile.  I would use my key that was tied around my neck with a shoestring to get in the house after school and watch TV and eat snacks until my single working mom came home from work.  I think I was six or seven years old.   We had two channels on our TV.  I always watched Mr. Rogers, Little House on the Prairie, The Lone Ranger, and Andy Griffin.   My mom would not allow me to go see any other movie besides a Disney Movie until after 5th grade.  So my aunt snuck me out to see Star Wars.  

My Mom was raised going to church every Sunday and she must have hated it because we never went.  But when we lived with my Granny and Grandpa for awhile between husbands I went every Sunday, and was enrolled in the churches version of Girl Scouts and the Vacation Bible School every summer.   So God was around.  

My mom never talked with me about issues or stuff at all, and to be honest I think I got most of my right from wrong from what little Bible School I had and Little House on the Prairie.  Yes basically I was raised by Ma and Pa Ingles.   That is a million times better than what my children may see on TV today.  So a parent has to be ever more active in our child's life to ensure they get that good role modeling from other sources.  

I told you all that to tell you this:  I believe that gun control is not the answer to the mass shooting issue.  I think that the way we raise are children is the answer. Sadly that means Mom's and Dad's need to step up right now and be Ma and Pa Ingles in their children's life RIGHT NOW!  It means that you cannot  let your child have control of the remote until they are a teen and you have already gave them a good foundation to make solid decisions.   I have two children that are no longer children they are 20 and 22 right now and I know that they have what they need to make the right choice.  They prove it to me everyday.  

I had to make hard choices when they were growing up though.  I had to make them #1 always.   That meant that me working full time when their Dad already had a full time job was not an option.  I always wanted to be there for them, so I only worked part time when I had to.  We got by, but we were never rich.  When their dad and I were divorced I had to go to full time, and I regret it to this very day.  I wished there was another way for me to stay at home and be there when they needed me.  But at the time there was not. 

But that is where we make a mistake in America today.  It is PC for both parents to work 40 or more hours a day.  It is PC for they internet and TV raise our children.  Have to seen what is on those things?   The TV alone discusses me to no end.  We have to be there for them, and that means one parent at home with the kids.  If you are single mom or dad you need help and that means the church or community you live in should step up.  Ma and Pa Ingles took in an orphan and so should you.  

Here is an example of how we fail with what we think is PC now.  When I was a single mom about 1 year into it I was really failing.  I was so tired, I had two kids no help and a dog that was used to me being home most of the time to care for it.  Now the dog was tied up outside and would get loose and get into the neighbor's trash while I was at work.  One of my nice neighbors left me a note  threat in my mail box that I have to do something about my wild dog or they would call the pound and the cops on me or kill my dog themselves.  Nice!  

They could have offered to help somehow.  I went through five collars and chains before someone told me about a dog harness!   Neighborly is to let me know about a dog walker in the neighborhood or tell me about these harnesses or offer to help in some way.  Not my PC neighbors.   I am not saying it was my neighborhood's responsibility to raise my dog, I am saying that we get too wrapped up in job, money and being PC to remember what is important.  Shine your light! 

Around the same time that the shooting happened in CT the there was a stabbing in a gun free zone, in an elementary school in China.  He stabbed 23 people with a knife.  Do some history research and you will find that every time guns are removed from it's citizens there is only death and failure.  I don't want to give up my right to protect my family with my gun and no one should have to.  

A week after the last shooting I posted on several news media's Facebook accounts to stop showing this evil shooters face and name because I don't want to make him infamous for the evil he had done. Do stories about the victims only.  One story letting us know who he was and his picture once is enough.   I don't want to know his face or name.  That way other evil crazies out there will not feel like this is how people will finally pay attention to them too.   No.  So I am asking you to write your congressmen and the media and let them know what you believe.  I write them all the time. 

Stay home with your kids and loose a portion of your income.  Save in other ways to make up for it and build a family that can survive and thrive instead.  If you don't belong to a church search one out and find one.  Raise your children in the arms of the fellowship of your church and start making time to help others.  You don't have to volunteer 20 hours a week what about just be a good friend for someone.  Walk that single mom's dog, offer to help pick up her groceries, take her and her kids to your church so they can enjoy the fellowship of your church.  Surround your kids with love and good influences!   Be there to say no to that Zombie movie your five year old turned to.  It can be done but the way is to do it.  We have to be active and get back to the basics. 

The economy is so terrible it is possible that many people could use a little help these days.  Lets get back to being a good neighbor.  If you grow some green beans share, have a good ole fashioned 1950's block party, that will get it going!  You will surely meet at least one neighbor you can call friend. 

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