Sunday, August 18, 2013

This is 40, Movie Review


My husband was gone for a night and that is my time to watch movies that he won't even consider when he glances at the title.   I went out to Redbox and rented two movies.   One of them was This is 40.   I wasted my money on this rental. 

Like I said I wasted my money.  The movie is rated R, but it should have been rated vulgar, I don't know why they felt the need to go so far over the top with the disgusting, vulgarity.  I can handle some F bombs, and sex and violence but this was really unnecessary.  I was offended by the way the mom, dad and children talked in this movie.  Do not let your children watch it for sure!
It was supposed to be funny and I tried to watch it but I just hated almost every second of the movie.  It was not really funny.  I think they mistook offensive for comedy.  I am sad I wasted one of the few “Chic-Flic” nights on this movie. 
The dialog in some spots was so tasteless and offensive that I muted so I would not have to hear it.  The Mom and Dad were so selfish and self-centered it positively annoyed me.  I hope that people don’t actually talk this way.   I never go into the bathroom when my husband is in there and want to see what is under his butt in the bowl.  I would not even dare!  That is just gross.  I would not talk to a male personal trainer about my sex life.  
The whole film portrayed families as chaotic self-centered asses to be honest.  I try to avoid all of those types of people from my life completely and I am sad I paid to sit and watch the craziness in my living room.  Later I read another review to this movie and the reviewer was speaking of one of those moments I just don’t find funny and they said it was one of those movie jokes you know you shouldn't laugh at, but you do.  There is a reason that your first instinct is to turn away and shout no!  Because it should not be in the movie if you know you should not laugh at it.  Hollywood is trying to train you to find whatever they want funny.  Maybe they should just try to please their customers. 
The movie was supposed to be a semi-sequel to Knocked Up.  But I really have to say that I hated this movie and I would never recommend it to anyone.  If you enjoy crude humor about a completely self-centered, mean, rich, and dysfunctional family then it might be for you.  You can rent it on Amazon Instantly HERE.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Great Speach By Ashton Kutcher at Teen Choice Awards!

I really think that most times Stars should not give too much advice because they really live in a dream world.  But I was shocked about how awesome this speech was.  So I thought I would share it.  It was really shocking to hear from a big star.  

Here you should listen.