Friday, November 9, 2012

The Election is OVER!

I have to tell you that I am really happy the election is finally over.  No matter what candidate won I am happy to end the stress, and the political negative campaigns that were literally invading my life! 

Phone calls LATE at night just to "axe" me who I would be voting for.  (That really is a huge pet peeve of mine.  Please don't say axe when you mean ask!  UGH!)

Countless pieces of junk mail from both parties wanting my vote but using negative political ads that just waste paper because I toss them in the garbage.   Maybe next time I will have to figure some clever creative idea to recycle all that junk ad paper in to Christmas cards?????  

Then the TV and Radio campaign ads...ALL OF THEM NEGATIVE!    What a downer when I am driving my son to school or going to work.  No one wants to start their day with that junk I had to shut off the radio and we listened to Christian CDS for most of the last month.  It was just wearing me down. 

My personal Facebook was overwhelmed with everyone's opinion and some of them were also negative as well.  I really think you can engage in a political conversion with out being crass or so negative.  

I am not an Obama supporter.  I really don't like him at all.  But the reasons I don't like him are not the ones found on the negative campaign ads.  This is where I think we fail as voters.  Everyone that I spoke to that wanted to sway my vote could only quote the sound bites from the negative campaign ads.  This bothers me.  Are we as Americans SO lazy that we cannot do a bit of research on the candidates before we cast our vote?   I teach my son not to believe any commercial on TV.  You really cannot.  They don't always give you the whole truth, especially political campaign ads.  Those have a tendency to REALLY twist the truth to a GIANT extreme. 

I hope that in the elections that are in our future we can stop the media bias and select a candidate with a good honest choice that we have really researched in a number of places. 

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