Friday, September 13, 2013

Save the Children - Natural Disaster State Preparedness

This link shows how prepared each state is or isn't if a natural or other disaster happened. 

How does your state fare on this test?  

Some of the states that have had natural disasters in the news recently have green checks on all of their scores but I see this is just a knee jerk reaction because some of the states that have not been in the news as of late with natural disasters don't even have half of their boxes checked.  This means that they don't put the system in place until there is a failure!  Way to think ahead!  

Save the Children have a site where you can get involved.  Donate or send a letter to your state's representative to ensure the children in your state are safe.   Check it out. 

Then here is my opinion:

Prepare for yourself!   I always tell my children to never count on anyone, that they have to always count on themselves.  You should not wait around for someone else to save you.  One on my favorite sayings is "If your ship does not come in, swim out to it!"   It is good for a state to have plans in place and be prepared but it is better that each individual can fend for themselves and their family.  You should be able to care for your self if you have to.  

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