Thursday, August 16, 2012

News You Can Use

As a Mom we are so diverse there is so much more way more than what meets the eye.   But one thing we all share and have in common as parents is we want the best for our children.  That sometimes involves us in passionate causes.  The logic and reason being that if we make the world a better place somehow our own children will have a great place to live in and live out their lives in.  

Saving money or saving the world should be all part of our Mommy lives because of that common ground of giving our children the best.   Some of the news was receive by the mainstream media seems to be filtered so much that I am not sure I trust all of the information completely.  Or the information is one sided and we cannot see the whole picture.   I try to gather information from a wide range of sources to try and get the most complete picture of what is actually going on, and I want to start sharing that information with you. 

I hope as parents you can find the time to do the same.  We need to be well informed to know what to do to protect and education our families.   Providing the best for our children requires information to base many of our everyday decisions.   Like for instance the drought throughout the nation has recently adversely affected the food crops so that means we can see higher prices for the products and food you are using.   If you are paying attention to those kinds of news stories you know to start adding a few more items in your cart now to save you money later.  

Buy two bags of flour instead of one when you go to get flour.  Or maybe Cereal is on sale now for $1.88 a box so you should stock up and get several boxes to save.  

Other news I am thinking of sharing with you is little tid bit articles from several random sources that help paint the picture of the state of our nation which will affect all our lives.  Information on how to keep your family safe.  Information on how to be prepared.   School information.   Recalls for products we as Moms may currently purchase or have in our home.   Just random news a Mom may need in her life.  Good new is always something I look for too because sometimes in order to keep ratings up I find the terrible or the most scandalizing news stories take center stage in mainstream media to get our attention.  

I am not turning into a news channel by any means but I just want to share with you as one mom to another.  It will be random, and just bits from here and there that I don't see in the main stream news or something interesting that pertains to our life as Moms.   I hope that Dad's are never offended when I say Moms because it really just goes without saying it is a parenting thing not just a Mommy thing I just happen to be a Mom and that is what I relate to most. 

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